"Shining the light so everyone can dance"

Welcome to Del Sol School

Del Sol School is a nonpublic school in Cypress, California. Del Sol School provides specialized academic instruction to students from a variety of school districts in Orange County and the surrounding areas. All student services are funded by local school districts. Del Sol School utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis to teach students the behavioral skills necessary to succeed in a classroom environment. Students at Del Sol School are taught both academic and functioning skills to help them transition back to a comprehensive school campus. 

Del Sol School operates many quality education programs including a certified nonpublic elementary through high school, and adult transition programs. 

Del Sol School Goals

Student Success

Del Sol School contracts with school districts in Orange and Los Angeles Counties to provide educational services to students with a variety of disabilities. Del Sol School's main goal is to successfully transition students back to their local school districts.

Family Support

Del Sol School works closely with students' families to ensure behavior, social emotional, and academic goals are being generalized across settings so students can be successful in school, their home, and in the community. Del Sol School continues to consult with families after students have transitioned back to their local school district. 

Community Support

Del Sol School contributes to the community in a number of ways. Del Sol School staff learn behavior support skills that they use in future positions within the community to more effectively work with individuals with disabilities. Additionally, Del Sol School supports the state ABA organization.