DSS Behavior Program

Del Sol School School Wide Behavior Program

Del Sol School uses a combination of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to manage students challenging behaviors on campus. The school team consists of a BCBA-D, administrators, school psychologist, special education teachers, and in class trained behavior specialists. The school wide behavior program is the basis of all student's individual behavior intervention plans; however, each student's plan is specific to their needs. All students are taught to manage their own behaviors and taught replacement behavior to help reduce their challenging behaviors. 

Del Sol School Positive Behavior Staff

Del Sol School has a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who supports the implementation of a research-based school-wide positive behavioral support program.   All Del Sol School staff complete positive behavior intervention training. 

Data Collection 

Del Sol School staff take daily interval data on every student’s challenging behaviors, replacement behaviors, and alternative skills.  All incidents of challenging behaviors are recorded. The data is then graphed and summarized monthly and reviewed with the teacher and the team by the BCBA.  The student’s behavior program is then modified based on the data.

Staff Training In Positive Behavior Support

The BCBA completes the required annual continuing education in regulations and behavior analysis. Classroom teachers monitor individual student behavior programs daily and the BCBA also provides individual case consultation on school-wide positive behavior support programs, individual student behavior programs, and training to staff.  Del Sol School staff implement the programs under the direction of the classroom teacher and BCBA.  All staff complete initial training during their first 3 months.  All staff then receives annual training in positive behavioral support strategies and implementation of Del Sol School positive behavior program and individual student programs.  

Environment To Prevent Challenging Behaviors

Del Sol School classrooms and school environment are designed to prevent challenging behaviors.  The school is a calm quiet campus with space in classrooms and on campus for students to take breaks away from others and remain supervised.  The school and classrooms are clean and well-lit, with comfortable room temperatures and limited visual and auditory distractions.  Classrooms are modified as needed for each individual student’s behavior needs.  The total population of students in each class is less than 12.  Each classroom has trained teachers and trained classroom behavior specialists who work with students during their entire school day including recess and lunch.  Students work with a rotating team of 8-10 behavior specialists so they learn to work with a variety of staff and increase their generalization, and independence of skills.